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Free to be You
By Dr. Fred Antonelli
Free to be You is a clinical/faith based look at just who you were originally meant to be (the greater YOU) as per your Creator. How temperament, learned behavior, and even past/present abuse tend to shape as well as define us in life either positively or negatively. Read more »



I Don't Dress Dead People
by Dr. Bob Rausch
I Don't Dress Dead People is recommended to anyone with a keen desire to discover your God given power within for enhancing personal and organizational productivity and a passion for purpose and living. Read about the author »


Energy Matters
by Dr. Bob Rausch
Energy Matters is a dynamic book written to address the truth that "The universal need of all human beings is energy". The purpose of this excellent material is to help you discover your God given value of personal energy and ways that you can use it to your advantage. Read about the author »