“Dr. Fred Antonelli and the entire staff of Life Counseling Centers are an incredible asset to our region. They offer a holistic approach to real life challenges, providing counseling that is both biblical and clinically sound.”

Rev. Frank Short, Lead Pastor of Real Life Chapel Church of the Nazarene in Easton, MD.

“Dr. Fred Antonelli and his very competent staff standby to serve people in our community that are undergoing all types of mental and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, anger and addiction issues. Dr. Fred and Life Counseling Center also are expertly equipped to provide in-depth marriage counseling. I, and our staff at Bay Shore Community, regularly outsource to Dr. Antonelli and Life CounselingCenter. As a lead Pastor of a large church in our community for over 30 years I remember the days when professional Christian Counseling was non-existent in our community. I am profoundly grateful Dr. Antonelli and his staff have changed that and we now have a 5 star professional counseling organization to serve the people of the Easter Shore. Bay Shore Community Church highly recommend Life Counseling Center and the ministry of Dr. Antonelli.”

Rev. Danny Tice, Lead Pastor of Bay Shore Community Church in Millsboro, Delaware

“I think the word that comes to mind when I think of Life Counsel is trust. When it comes to shepherding God's flock, we need to know several things. First, will the counselor think and work from a Christ-centered and healthy Gospel core? Will they work from a more technical perspective, but work with us in the conviction that the Gospel really is the solution that unlocks the problems we face. I've found the staff at Life Counsel to be not only good at what they do and trustworthy with the hearts of those we send them, but I've found them to be genuine followers of Jesus who take a personal interest in those they serve. It's not just a job. It's ministry. And it shows.”

Rev. Tim Miller, Lead Pastor of Cannon Mennonite Church in Bridgeville, DE

“I'm not alone. That's how Life Counseling Center makes me feel. As Pastor of Eagle's Nest Fellowship Church it has been very helpful knowing that I have a partner in ministry. Life Counseling Center has ministered alongside of me on a number of occasions by providing Christ center counseling and therapy to people in our church. They have also been there for me when I have needed advise on serious and sensitive issues. They have always responded quickly and professionally when I've called. I'm thankful to God for providing our churches with such a great resource.”

Rev. Bob Weed, Lead Pastor of Eagle's Nest Fellowship Church in Milton, Delaware

“God has given Dr. Fred Antonelli unique abilities to understand the complexities of the human heart; the "Spirit of counsel" truly rests upon his life (Isa. 11:2). In a culture pierced by the wounds of relational dysfunction and damage, Dr. Antonelli and his team stand ready to interrupt the cycle of pain and offer practical and biblical steps toward healing. For those who are sincerely looking for help and hope can most certainly find some at Life Counseling Center. I highly recommend their ministry/services to individuals, families and churches; in times of conflict and crisis, or for times of enrichment and encouragement. Dr. Antonelli and Life Counseling continue to be a blessing to us both individually and corporately, and I'm sure that God will use them to bless you abundantly.”

Rev. Ron Neff, Senior Pastor of Grace Covenant Church in Lewistown, PA

“When I think of the incredible relationship we have built with Life Counseling Center over the past seven years, I think of the story in Luke chapter 5 when Jesus healed the paralytic after his stretcher bearers lowered him down through the roof because they couldn't get through the crowd. Dr. Antonelli and his excellent staff have been instrumental and effective stretcher bearers for many in our congregation who have needed help getting to the feet of Jesus. We thank God for the healing and restoration we have experienced in our church family because of our brothers and sisters at LCC and their commitment to the healing Word of God and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit!”

Rev. Robert Aycoth, Assoc. Pastor of Cannon Mennonite Church in Bridgeville, DE

“On those difficult occasions in life when barriers block access to freedom and darkness threatens to imprison one's soul; Dr. Fred Antonelli and the staff of Life Counseling Center are trained and experienced to offer Biblically based counseling under the leadership of the Holy Spirit that opens the door to hope, wholeness, and freedom. The many individuals and families that we have referred to Dr. Antonelli and the staff at Life Counseling Center have had life changing experiences as the result of the counseling they received. We highly recommend their professional services.”

Dr. Carl G. Vincent, Senior Minister of Messiah's Vineyard Church in Laurel, DE

“Life Counseling Center and the offices of Dr. Fred Antonelli and staff are an answer to prayer for our ministry at St. Paul’s Church / The Uprising. Their commitment to Christ centered counseling and their professional, qualified staff of counselors make Dr. Antonelli, and his offices our first choice for referrals to our congregation, and to anyone who calls us in crisis or in need of preventive counseling.”

Pastor Bill Cropper, St. Pauls UMC/ “The Uprising” in Hebron, MD

“Biblical Counseling is an area that all believers should grow in the knowledge of; however, there seems to be a particular need for special interaction where people can be sent to receive help. Life Counseling Center offers hope to people who need this wisdom imparted into their lives. While interacting with some of the counselors at Life Counseling Center over the past several years I have noticed two things:

1. A Dependence on the Holy Spirit and

2. A Love for the Word of God These two important aspects coupled with a love for the local Church set Life Counseling Center in a strategic position to help come along side of area Churches and "proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light." I Peter 2:9”

Pastor Eric Olson, Oasis Covenant Fellowship in Easton, MD

“In times past the church has focused primarily on the spiritual aspects of health and wholeness, but in an age where divorce, abuse, and sin are rampant throughout family systems, there is a great need for competent, biblical and practical counsel that focuses on healing and restoration. Dr. Fred Antonelli and the staff at Life Counseling Center understand how to apply God’s Word to hurting hearts and bring about changed lives. Dr. Antonelli is a former pastor and therefore is able to understand the unique circumstances of that role and assist the local pastor in helping hurting families. Thank God for professional and biblical resources like Life Counseling Center!”

Brian Moss, Sr. Pastor of Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury, MD

“It’s nice to know that we have a place to send folks who are struggling with issues that are beyond our capabilities to handle or outside our field of expertise. As a pastor, it’s a blessing to have a Christian-based counseling alternative to counter the worldly views of counseling that have invaded our society. Over the years our church has sent several people to Dr. Fred Antonelli with great results. I would highly recommend the ministry of Life Counseling Center.”

Pastor John Leger Grace of God Fellowship Easton, MD

“God has blessed the Eastern Shore by providing Life Counseling Center and its staff. I have had the pleasure of working alongside them and have found them to be Biblically sound, professionally ethical, and personally caring.”

Barney M. Davis, Jr., M.D., F.A.P.A. Medical Missionary

“Dr. Antonelli and the staff at Life Counseling Center have been instrumental in bringing wholeness to many of our members. I do not hesitate to refer individuals, couples and families to their care.”

Rev. Kevin Graudin, Pastor Immanuel Lutheran Church Easton, MD

“I have known Dr. Fred Antonelli for just over four years and have grown to appreciate and love his ministry more and more as time moves on. As a senior pastor of a local church, I come across many different relational situations that require in-depth and long term counseling. This is where Life Counseling Center has been an enormous asset. I can refer people to Dr. Antonelli and the staff at LCC confidently. Their main goal is to bring individuals, couples and families closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have seen several couples in our church end their sessions with a renewed hope! I pray that God will continue to bless Dr. Antonelli and the staff at LCC as they seek to serve the Lord by serving others.”

Rev. Daniel Zollinhofer, Pastor Talbot Bible Church