Business & Professional Leadership Coach: Dr. Bob Rausch

Dr. Bob Rausch has served as a counselor and executive coach/consultant for corporate leaders and teams in the United States, Canada and Europe for the past three decades. He is recognized as North America's leading authority on personal and enterprise energy and is known internationally as the "The Energy Doctor - Fuel for Life and Faith."

Dr. Bobs' gift is to inspire and challenge professionals, executives, managers, and their teams to unlock the potential God has given them. His programs have been developed on Spiritual principles that lead to increased performance and desired results. A partial list of clients include: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Merck Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Steel, PGA TOURS, Catholic Dioceses of Tyler Texas, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Bob is now bringing his unique professional and corporate coaching experience to Life Counseling Center to broaden the outreach to Christian businessmen and women.

In 1976 he was ordained as a Southern Baptist Minister and serving as assistant pastor before returning to graduate school to receive his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He founded and directed a private counseling practice in Shreveport, La. for seventeen years until he began his coaching and consulting career in 1992. He is a Registered Corporate Coach and a Certified Executive Coach, as well as a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Coaching and Speaking Program. Dr. Bob is an award winning author of numerous books and articles. Some of his books include: Energy Matters - How to Tap the Power Within, The Power of Personal Energy, The Secret Power in Stress - Unleash Your Energy Potential, I Don't Dress Dead People: Live an Energized Life Without Burning Yourself Out, and his latest book, The Overwhelmed Servant - Avoiding the Three Traps of Spiritual Burnout (exerpt below). The Georgia Writers Association has twice nominated him as Author of the Year.

Exerpt from Dr. Rausch's Latest Book:
"The Overwhelmed Servant - Avoiding the Three Traps of Spiritual Burnout"

There are three positive behaviors that, when under extreme stress, lead to the trap of burnout. They are (1) Proving (2) Performing and (3) Pleasing.

I recall a therapist that was caught in the "Pleasing" trap. At the outset of her counseling practice she wanted to please and liked doing it! Pretty natural behavior don't you think? However, the less time she spent taking care of herself the more stress she felt. As the trap tightened pleasing became a negative behavior rather than a positive one.

What's the first step to get out of the Pleaser trap? First, recognize that the joy of pleasing is gone. Rather than wanting to please you feel like you have to.

So, what do you do to stay out of the people-pleasing trap?

After 35,000 hours of counseling and 13 years coaching professionals, executives and ministry leaders, I've met hundreds of men and women who are either spiritually burned-out or close to it. My real authority to counsel and coach these people is not only the hours I spent with them, but my own personal experience. I know how agonizing it is when you feel totally lost and your enthusiasm for service is replaced with condemning thoughts, family conflict and the feeling of guilt when you take time away from work. This, along with the fear of not pleasing people and the inability to say "NO" because someone might think you are uncaring or irresponsible, only increased my misery. I not only know how devastating the traps can be but also how liberating it is when you get out of them and once again experience the freedom in serving God.

In my search I discovered that trying harder, pleasing people and doing more doesn't work. I also realized that you could pray, read your Bible and do good works until there's nothing more left to give and still not change the path to spiritual burnout. True change only comes when you recognize the three natural but critical behaviors that all people share in common. It's these behaviors, under stress, that become the traps that ultimately produce burnout. Certainly not all faith-based servants get to this place but the number that do is staggering. And, just think of it, all this began with their genuine desire to serve God and His people.

If you want to restore the initial enthusiasm in your ministry or business, effectively manage your mental and emotional reaction to people, and increase meaningful times with your spouse and family, then considering these points are for you! One of the purposes of coaching is to help you avoid the three traps of spiritual burnout or, if you are already trapped, to get out of them! I want you to candidly answer these questions: Do I feel like I need to prove myself? Am I taking too much responsibility for too many things and too many people? Do I need to please people to the point that I feel I'm trapped?

If you answered, "yes" to any of these; then considering coaching for "Burnout" is going to help you to:
  1. Restore the initial enthusiasm and energy in your ministry
  2. Renew the excitement and joy in serving others
  3. Exercise your gifts and talents without "needing" to please people
  4. Eliminate the guilt of taking time away from work

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