Business & Professional Leadership Coaching

Counseling and psychotherapy is devoted to helping individuals and families solve their mental, emotional and relationship problems. In recent years Christians have integrated psychology with the Bible and as a result there are multiple Christian Counseling Centers throughout the country. However, there is a critical dimension of Christian life that is missing in counseling centers, and that is business and executive coaching.

In the past 15 years Business and Executive Coaching has gained international popularity across every industry and profession. Its purpose is to coach leaders and their teams to work effectively with one another to increase performance and productivity. Although there are Christians who serve as business and executive coaches; Christian counseling centers have not typically offered professional coaching as a service to their clients. Life Counseling Center' introduction of professional Business and Executive coaching will make it the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive approach to individuals, family, and work.

Coaching Approach
Business and leadership coaching is a "results oriented" process that equips leaders and their teams with the information and tools they need to fulfill God's purpose in all aspects of their work life. Christian coaching is scripturally based and focuses on the spiritual and practical implications of servant leadership. It involves a collaborative partnership between a qualified, experienced Christian coach and a willing leader who desires to fulfill God's potential in their personal and organizational life. The coaching process typically consists of one-on-one leadership coaching and/or team coaching and continues for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Clients include:

  1. Professionals: Professionals who want to discover God's plan to increase their personal and/or professional influence and performance. This includes ministers and Christians in various professions: physicians, attorneys, insurance executives, accountants, etc.
  2. Christian Teams: Organizational teams often need an objective coach to help them improve their collaboration with one another from a scriptural perspective. This includes church teams as well as business teams.
  3. Corporate Executives: There are many Christian leaders who work for secular organizations who want a Christian coach to help them expand their leadership effectiveness and develop a stronger organizational team.
  4. Business Owners: Small to medium business owners who want to learn how to handle the challenges of business from a Christian perspective and to broaden their skills of servant leadership.

Christian business and leadership coaching is designed to help you:

  1. Effectively manage your mental and emotional reactions to other people.
  2. Renew the excitement and joy in serving others.
  3. Act more decisively with less second-guessing about results.
  4. Exercise your gifts and talents without needing to please people.
  5. Say "No" without feeling irresponsible.
  6. Express assertiveness without being aggressive.
  7. Replace condemning thoughts with a stronger self-assurance.
  8. Eliminate the guilt of taking time away from work.
  9. Increase meaningful times with your spouse and family.

Our Coaches
Dr. Bob Rausch
Dr. Rausch has served as a counselor and executive coach/consultant for corporate leaders and teams in the United States, Canada and Europe for the past three decades. Read more...
  Dr. David Phillips
Dr. Phillips specializes in missional church theology & strategy as well as the synthesis of multiple disciplines.