Free to Be You

Free to be You is a clinical/faith based look at just who you were originally meant to be (the greater YOU) as per your Creator. How temperament, learned behavior, and even past/present abuse tend to shape as well as define us in life either positively or negatively.

To be aware of how your ability to “Dream Dreams” and succeed in every facet of life becomes hampered and sabotaged by the “Messages & Signals” that have been implanted into your psyche from childhood. How you then need to “De-Code” the destructive messages that you have allowed to define you throughout your life and then “Re-Code” them with who your Heavenly Father says you are as per His Divine intentions. And to come to understand that God has pre-loaded you at conception with unique talents and gifting that are designed to impact not only your life, but the lives of others assigned to your journey as well.

To know that “nourishing your mind & soul” is one of the most important things that a person can possibly do in life. The emotional, physical, relational, occupational, and spiritual benefits are absolutely crucial in fulfilling and enjoying your specific life purpose.

To appreciate the fact that discouragement can actually, at times, be your friend in helping you fulfill your life’s expression as well as your desired occupational aspirations.

To believe that God’s plan is that you would succeed on your life journey, not fail! That there has been designated and mapped out for you a promising, fulfilling, secure, faith-filled, vibrant, and meaningful future.

And to come to realize that success isn’t merely defined by money or the things that you attain in this life, but more importantly by what you invest into your life experience through acts of random kindness, grace, and mercy toward your fellow man. When you extend yourself in this manner, it actually brings to a clearer and fuller dimension just who you were created to be and the influence that you are to have on your journey. How all of these factors and more will literally transform you… so that perhaps for the first time in your life, you can enjoy being “FREE TO BE YOU”

Life Counseling Center LLC. | 2021