I Don’t Dress Dead People

Do you ever feel completely exhausted on your way home from work? How many times a week do you arrive home drained? If you answered several times, you are not alone. But, have you ever considered ineffective use of personal energy as the culprit?

Stress is the result of feeling overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded. But what causes these stressful behaviors? Is it the pressure to achieve the same goals this year but with less staff? Or is it ineffective and sometimes callous managers or a lack of leadership? Maybe it’s due to people draining energy through complaining and gossip. Or could it be as simple as traffic, travel time to and from the office, and inadequate pay? All of these bring about stress. But do the events create the stress or is it a reaction to these events? Dr. Bob suggests it’s not the events but the ineffective way people use their energy in response to these situations.

The answer to maintaining an energized life is found in I Don’t Dress Dead People: Live an Energized Life Without Burning Yourself Out. This book offers practical, appealing, and insightful information guaranteed to provide the reader with a personal energy plan to overcome energy-draining people and events. Each chapter begins with a catchy title, address specific ways to effectively use personal energy, and concludes with exercises designed to teach readers to identify and better manage energy-draining situations in their lives. A few examples of chapter titles are “Never Park Your Car Next to a Nothing-to-Lose-Car,” “You Can’t See a Bright Future through a Cloudy Past,” and “Don’t Let Anyone Live in Your Head Rent-Free.” The reader will also find exercises at the end of each chapter to assist in making the energy connection to daily life. As one reader expressed, “I Don’t Dress Dead People keeps me grounded, centered, and on track at work and in the other areas of my life.”

The more effective individuals are at managing their energy, the less likely they will experience stress and burnout. With it’s memorable Energy Connector tips and helpful workbook exercises, I Don’t Dress Dead People assists readers in taking personal responsibility for their energy resources, which ultimately increases performance and productivity. If you want to be energized without burning yourself out, this book will show you how that can be accomplished.

Life Counseling Center LLC. | 2021