Ken Betts

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My interest in counseling goes back many years. My mother was considered to be just an ordinary housewife, but she was a wonderful Christian and would spend much of her time listening to people’s problems and was a source of encouragement to her friends. As a result, this greatly influenced me to become a professional counselor at forty-nine (49) years old.

Before counseling, I worked as a banker, teacher and in the automotive business. Although I was successful in the business world, I became increasingly restless and felt there was more to life than just making money. After facing many challenges in life with work, family and friends, I decided to enroll at Wilmington University in 1998 and pursue a degree in Community Counseling. I graduated in 2001 and worked part-time with men who had been arrested for domestic violence. In 2004, I was hired as a full-time therapist with Fellowship Health Resources in Delaware and spent several years with that practice counseling people from all walks of life with multiple issues, ie; depression, anxiety, mood disorders, phobias, marriage & family issues etc.

I also started my own private practice in 2012 on a part-time basis. I enjoy working with clients with various mental health disorders and to be able to do that from a Christ-centered perspective, and introducing the love of God into the counseling process is a (5 star) winning combination in a clinical/Christian setting! I am a firm believer that that many people can overcome multiple struggles when Christian principles are incorporated into the clinical setting.

I am particularly interested in marriage & family issues and seeing the client[s] and God work to a place of stability and life-giving results. Strong families create strong communities and that’s a “win-win” however you look at it.

I have been married for over fifty years and we have a grown son and daughter and two grandchildren whom we adore. I am committed to helping others achieve both hope and contentment in their life journey.

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