Kim Chase

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Greetings, my name is Kim Chase and I am a psychotherapist. I am a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical (LCSW-C) with a background in addictions and trauma. I have been in the counseling field for over 13 years. I have worked in numerous settings with individuals and families from various social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds as well a vast array of life-altering experiences. The conclusion that I’ve reached is that we all are much more similar than we are different. We all basically want to love and be loved and accepted.

My general approach to therapy/counseling is to meet the individual/couple where they are and partner with them to achieve the most favorable and desired outcomes possible while utilizing my professional training and experience.

Second to our relationship with God is our relationship with ourselves. As we are healed and made whole, we learn to love ourselves. As a result, that love radiates out to others, touching hearts and healing our relationships. It is my desire, through the power and love of our Lord Jesus, to heal every heart that crosses my path.

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