Wendy Wharton

Email Wendy Wharton: wendy@lifecounsel.org

For those who trust no one….Wendy was created for us! Her compassion and gentleness allows for the most uncomfortable topics to be discussed. She is a trust-worthy, safe haven for the deepest of thoughts and feelings without judgement.

I thank God every day for Wendy. She was my rock when I had no one. She saved my life!

Wendy taught me how to trust. First by trusting her and then by helping me to trust God.

Wendy pulled me from a very dark, suicidal pit. She extended her hand to me and never let go. She guided me through every tedious, heart-wrenching step of the way.   

Counseling is Wendy’s calling! She is aware she is doing God’s work and does it incredibly well.

Wendy is thee go to person when you trust no one. She does not judge, degrade or give up!

Wendy somehow manages to provide an ease to discuss the most sensitive, uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Wendy not only hears, she truly listens!

I look forward to my sessions with Wendy because I know I will receive quality help.

Childhood sexual abuse? Marital conflict and betrayal? Trust issues? Shattered self-confidence? Lack of faith? Wendy helps rebuild from the pits of hell and doesn’t stop until you stand strong!

I recall when Wendy suggested I count my blessings. I laughed, “Count my blessings? Is living in this hell a blessing?” Today I realize I am so incredible blessed and God was with me the whole time! 

Standing strong in Pocomoke

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