Do you ever say: “I feel [anxious, sad, guilty, ashamed, angry, stressed, worthless]?”

Do you have an eating disorder, obsess over things, have PTSD or have been through a trauma?
Do you struggle with pornography, sexual addiction, gambling, drinking, drugs, or even hurting yourself? Do you ever have thoughts such as “If God is loving, why does He let bad things happen to me?”

Many people suffer quietly never seeking professional help. Sure there are a lot of books and internet resources but there isn’t a substitute for personalized professional help. If you are reluctant to consider counseling for a personal issue whether it relates to your family, relationships, your job or anything else it’s important to realize that you are NOT alone.

Our professional counselors not only have a lot of training but have also struggled and overcame many of the same challenges that you face. Their real world experience coupled with their extensive training and professional experience can make the difference in your fight to overcome your challenges. Allow our licensed therapists or our pastoral counselors to help you by providing specific therapies and insight based on what you’re going through.

You will find a great deal of benefits from our therapy sessions such as:


Quality counseling can help you gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your situation and inside yourself.


Counseling can help you make good choices and lead to action steps that will change your life.


Relief from depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions

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