Life Counseling Center has become a leader on the East Coast in the treatment of sexual addiction and related issues. Our focus is to offer a professional clinical/Christian approach to counseling both to the sexual addict as well as to those affected by the disorder. We offer needed and immediate help in the form of Outpatient programs. A variety of treatments for this challenge is available in different settings, depending on the need…

Individual Intensive Outpatient (IOP) This approach addresses the client’s sexual addiction using proven therapeutic models of counseling from a clinical/Christian perspective and brings immediate stabilization to a crisis situation. A sexual addiction IOP allows more quality time for therapeutic discovery. Through an IOP, the therapist will explore…

  • A Family Systems approach
  • Personal Temperament (APS testing)
  • Symptom/Cause
  • Traumas/Abuse
  • Approval Addiction
  • De-Code / Re-Code
  • Biblical Applications for Healing
  • Practical behavioral responsibility through CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Our IOP counseling will focus on the underlying emotional and spiritual issues that greatly contribute to sexual addiction. A professional staff therapist trained and experienced in sexual addiction education will facilitate the IOP.

Unlike drug or alcohol treatment, the goal of sexual addiction treatment is not merely just for lifelong abstinence, but more importantly for the termination of compulsive, unhealthy sexual behavior linked to possible traumas suffered from childhood. If not treated properly from a solid clinical/Christian approach, the addiction has the potential to have emotionally, relationally and spiritually devastating results!

Since it is very difficult for a sex addict to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sex, the therapist within the IOP setting (may) encourage abstinence from any sexual behavior during the first phase of treatment. Many programs suggest a 60- to 90-day period of self-imposed abstinence. This enables the client, along with the treating therapist, to understand more clearly the emotional cues and circumstances that trigger sexual thought and compulsive sexual behavior. The Lord’s plan for anyone struggling with sexual addiction is “freedom” from the triggers that have held them captive for years in shame, guilt and condemnation…none of which are from God! Counseling therapy usually consists of 18-20 hours of intense work over the course of three days.

Intensive Group Workshop Therapy (IGW) This approach brings together a small group of like-minded men who focus on their sexual addictive behaviors in a three day retreat setting. The usual schedule will be a Wednesday evening thru Saturday evening format that includes accommodations.

Several years ago, as the number of sexual addiction cases grew, an independent organization was created by therapists at Life Counseling Center to offer specialized help for men and their spouses affected by sexual addiction. Today, this organization, The Underground Ministry is led by Dr. Robb Horner. His personal experiences and unique education are brought into a small group setting where members walk through the healing process together. Both lecture and group exercises are used to optimize recovery.

The focus of The Underground workshop is not just about strategies to stop acting out behaviors but on understanding the individual wounds and thought patterns that drive them. We seek to help men grow emotionally and spiritually. It is only in a relationship with God that any of us can truly and fully heal! At The Underground workshop, you will learn about the spiritual, emotional, and physical basis for addiction. You will also learn the inter-relationship between sexual sin, emotional woundedness, trauma and brain chemistry. This group therapy will be conducted in a supportive clinical/Christian environment, surrounded by men who understand your struggle, because they have been there themselves! Most importantly, you will leave with not only a new resolve and hope, but also a practical plan for recovery! Find out more on the Workshop FAQ page

Individual Therapy (weekly sessions) These individual sessions explore all of the above models (minus group interaction) however, not in an “intensive” setting but rather in weekly one hour counseling sessions. This is designed for less acute circumstances within the individual or marriage setting.

Support Groups Meet throughout Delaware and Maryland for men and their spouses affected by sexual addiction. These groups are under the supervision and guidance of The Underground Ministry, a partner of Life Counseling Center.

More group information for Men in Recovery can be found at this link:
More group information for Spouses of Men in Recovery can found at this link:

For more information, on the these different forms of Sexual Addiction therapy please call 888-581-LIFE (5433).

The following testimonial is given by Ted Haggard Sr. Pastor, St. James Church Colorado Springs, CO

“I attended The Underground sexual addiction 3-day workshop sponsored by Life Counseling Center and couldn’t have been more impressed! Because of the incongruities that had developed in my life in 2006, my world had become devastated. I had attempted to deal with my developing issues exclusively through spiritual means, so I had prayed, fasted, memorized Scriptures, developed personal accountability, all to no avail. After my crisis, I went through intensive therapy in Scottsdale, AZ and learned that I had been suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) because of a sexual incident that occurred when I was a child and hadn’t properly dealt with that trauma. I don’t offer this as an excuse but as an explanation of how a 50-year-old man with the beliefs and values that I sincerely held could find himself in a situation like mine. Since that time literally millions of people have come to and some of those have written asking for resources to help them or someone they know with incongruity in their lives. I now recommend The Underground to those who write to me. If you or someone you know is trying to settle issues with sexual addiction, sexual incongruity, or unwanted compulsive thoughts or habits, The Underground, sponsored by Life Counseling Center, very well may be able to help”.

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