Every marriage has seasons of difficulty. There are various tools to enhance your relationship including: reading resources, marriage counseling and personal bible studies. However, sometimes a marriage can hit a crisis point that needs more than just periodic helpful suggestions. Whether the crisis is due to long term neglect, addictive behaviors, or a traumatic event (like infidelity or betrayal of trust) that alters the stability of the relationship, Life Counseling Center offers help.

Call and ask about our Marriage Rescue Intensive (MRI). When medical specialists need to see what is happening beneath the surface, they request an MRI for the patient to evaluate the situation and offer an informed treatment plan. At Life Counseling Center, our MRI for relationships looks at the root causes of marital problems. Just like the medical MRI provides critical information to treat the condition, our MRI goes beneath the surface issues and identifies the source. Over the course of 3 days (fifteen hours) of counseling, Dr. Robb Horner helps you explore your marital relationship in these key areas:

  • Family Systems
  • Unique God-given Temperaments
  • Communication break downs
  • Potential addictive and co-dependent behaviors (including sexual and relationship
  • Traumatic past and present events
  • Recovery from infidelity and/or pornography use
  • How to release bitterness and extend forgiveness
  • Biblical model of marriage

Every situation is unique, but taking a time out from the struggles of daily life to invest in the redemption of your marriage offers hope! Call today for more information and to schedule your Life Counseling Center MRI.